June 1, 2023

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PCQ assessment: “There are people who are disappointed and I am part of it”, admits Eric Duhaime | Quebec 2022 elections

PCQ assessment: "There are people who are disappointed and I am part of it", admits Eric Duhaime |  Quebec 2022 elections

Leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ). A center of conflict between the two groups According to various sources who spoke to Radio-Canada on condition of anonymity, their views on the future of the political party are opposed.

Now that the party is gaining momentum, they are trying to capture the space around that leader, refers to one of these sources. Many observers expect that these differences will be seen in the party meeting.

At the end of the meeting, Eric Duhaime assured: It is a completely healthy exercise. It was done respectfully and calmlyHe added The Conservative Party will become stronger.

While he admits that some candidates are desperate right now, he insists that It is not people’s fault.

We started from practically nothing, we had no resources, no employees. We have done what we can with what we have, but we must evolve. »

A quote from Eric Duheim, leader of the PCQ

All caucus members interviewed by Radio-Canada on Saturday insisted the meeting was peaceful and the party leadership was listening.

We are 125 candidates, maybe one, two or three more disgruntled candidates, but that doesn’t reflect the atmosphere I see here., said Jacinthe-Eve Arel, party candidate in Portneuf. She said she thinks the main criticism will come from outside the caucus.

Jacinthe-Eve Arel

Photo: Radio Canada

Earlier this week, Duhaime spoke to activists via social media. I understand the frustration […]But it’s not the apocalypseHe announced the strong development of his party and before emphasizing the fact PCQ Currently the political party with the largest number of members in the regional arena.

Conservative strategist Rodolphe Husni agrees. In the interview In the show First the factsHe pointed out PCQ It grew from 500 members to 60,000 members in a very short time. If I had to give them any advice, it wouldn’t be coffee, but herbal tea and looking at things with a bit of perspective.He said a few hours before the start of the party meeting.

However, as Quebec Solidaire did in its early stages, Mr. Husni opined.

A tour of the areas on the menu

Beyond the necessary consolidation of the party’s organizational bases, The PCQ He has to agree on the main theoretical axes he wants to put forward To expand the foundation that initially came together to condemn the health restrictions adopted by the government during the pandemic.

We must mature, in his speech at the beginning of the week Mr. Summed up Duhaime. He insisted on Saturday that unlike in the past campaign, the Conservative Party now has time to organize itself with financial resources.

The party chief indicated that he would start visiting the areas from next week to listen to the views of his members. A convention in the spring or fall of 2023 is also on the menu.

Until then, the party will fight to change the parliamentary rules to get an office in the National Assembly as well as the right to hold press briefings there. If CAQ While not yet responding to his request, Mr. Duhaime said on Saturday that he had the support of some parties, without naming them.

With information from Alexander Duvall

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