February 24, 2024

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All about Hyundai Algeria vehicles

All about Hyundai Algeria vehicles

Although Hyundai Algeria plant at speed It resumed its operations in Tiaret, the same day of its reopening announcement, Thursday, but sales of the vehicles to the general public will not be immediate.

A factory owned by jailed businessman Mahiddin Tahkout reopened on Thursday, October 27. Resume the assembly It was given on the same day.

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TMC officials have indicated that production will initially be limited to 70 vehicles per day, with the aim of opening five other production lines and eventually reaching a consolidation rate of 40%.

The factory will actually work immediately with the available stocks i.e. 2344 kits. This is the new model of Accent from Hyundai, TMC CEO Khalid Zaballa said this Saturday.

The first vehicles will be ready from November, but they will not be sold to the public, but to government administrations and ministries, the official said in a statement to Ekorok News.

Pricing has not yet been revealed

“We have orders from public administrations, the defense ministry and other ministries,” he said. According to him, the sale to the public will take place in the first quarter of 2023, “if, however, the raw material is available”.

Mr. Djaballah promised.

Coming out of the Tiaret plant, the Accent will be available in petrol (1.4 and 1.6L engines) and diesel (1.6L) versions.

As for the prices applicable to Hyundai cars assembled in Algeria, Mr. Zaballah pointed out, viz. “Middle class”.

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