October 3, 2023

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Billie Eilish’s skimpy outfit just wasn’t enough

Billie Eilish's skimpy outfit just wasn't enough

With her Halloween costume, the singer wanted to wink at the comments that have been circulating about her for the past few weeks.

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We recently learned that Billie Eilish is in a relationship with Jessie Rutherford, singer of The Neighborhood Group, who gave us the song. Sweater weather.

Although they are both happy, their relationship is much talked about due to their age difference. Billy is 20 years old and Jessie is 31 years old. The news upset fans, not only because of the 11-year age difference between them, but also because they had known each other since Billy was 15, and it was questioned by the public.

The two attended a Halloween bash together over the weekend and decided to give a very nasty nod to the criticism they have received since being spotted together.

Shared by culture account PopCrave and many others, photos of the singer and musician’s outfit are going viral. Billy is dressed as a baby, while Jesse looks like an old man.

Everything suggests that they wanted to emphasize the comments about them. Some people thought the idea was funny and especially brilliant, but many comments pointed in the opposite direction.

We doubt their outfit choice!

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