June 1, 2023

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Crossing South: “It doesn’t work at all”

Crossing South: "It doesn't work at all"

It was too long for motorists from the Anjou interchange on Tuesday morning to cross the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine bridge-tunnel towards the south coast.

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Our journalist Kevin Crane-Desmarais saw it. While the real-time travel time sign says it takes 21 minutes to reach the tunnel, the reality is quite different.

Kevin Crane-Desmarais | VAT news

It took our journalist 80 minutes to travel the less than 5km between rue Saint-Jotique and the tunnel entrance. A distance that takes less than 5 minutes to cover without traffic.

On foot, such a distance takes less than 60 minutes on average.

Screen Shot | Google Maps

“It doesn’t work at all. In Yves-Prévost, a broken-down vehicle moved to the shoulder, it took 2 minutes for road safety to arrive to rescue the vehicle, ten minutes before the Sûreté du Québec arrived, he noted.

When Highway 25 is reduced to two lanes, trucks must pull into the right lane, but to do so, some trucks get stuck in the left lane, slowing the flow of traffic.

Screenshot | VAT news

“In the end, nobody goes both ways. It’s tough. I think I had time to buy a game of patience at Place-Versailles,” he joked.

Listen to local journalist Louis-Philippe Messier on QUB Radio:

In total, it took him about 90 minutes from Montreal to the south coast through the tunnel.

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