June 1, 2023

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Liz Cheney, a Trump Republican pet peeve, has supported Democratic candidates in the midterm elections

Liz Cheney, a Trump Republican pet peeve, has supported Democratic candidates in the midterm elections

Rep. Liz Cheney, a spokeswoman for anti-Trump Republicans, pledged her support to two Democratic candidates in Tuesday’s midterm elections, an unusual move that illustrates her unique position in the party behind the former president.

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The daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney defied Donald Trump to join a commission investigating his responsibility for the Capitol storm, a decision that left her alone among Republicans.

She lost her primary this summer to the real estate magnate’s patronage, forcing her to vacate her seat as Wyoming’s representative.

Liz Cheney said Tuesday that she prefers the party’s candidate to Trumpist JD Vance in the race for a senatorial seat in Ohio, even though her more conservative positions, especially on abortion or guns, don’t make her an obvious ally for Democrats. .

“I don’t think I’ve ever voted for a Democrat, and certainly I’ve never campaigned for a Democrat, but right now my party is really lost,” she said at a conference.

“We won’t even be having these discussions if we re-elect Donald Trump or if candidates loyal to him win,” she said, recalling her many doubts about President Joe Biden’s economic policies.

Liz Cheney traveled to Michigan to campaign with Democratic candidate Elissa Slotkin, who was officially endorsed a few days ago.

Ms Slatkin, praising the Republican’s “courage”, told CNN that despite their many differences, the two women agreed on the importance of respecting the “democratic system”.

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Last weekend, Liz Cheney indicated that if she lived in Arizona, she would vote Democrat in a televised political ad.

And let’s see what effect his support will have.

“Thank you, Liz Cheney,” Kari Lake, one of the Republican candidates criticized in the clip, replied on Twitter, saying she had seen an “explosion” in donations and expected a jump in polls.

She cheered again a few days later on Fox News, assuring Liz Cheney that “both camps hate her.”