June 7, 2023

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Mesar: An important Ontario detour

Mesar: An important Ontario detour

For the 24th straight season, Brian and Kailyn Daub, parents of two children, ages 28 and 25, will be a boarding family for the Kitchener Rangers, an Ontario Junior League (OHL) team.

Over the years, these two former teachers have seen many European players pass under their roof in their fifties. Two of these have joined the ranks of the National Hockey League (NHL): Dominik Kubalik (Red Wings) and Radek Faksa (Stars).

Within a few months, Doubs could boast of hosting three players who played on the Bettman circuit.

For the past three weeks, the family has shared their home with Philippe Mesar, who the Montreal Canadiens drafted in the first round (26th overall) of the last NHL draft.

“Philip is incredible,” Brian says confidently. He was very well brought up and very humble. In fact, he may have had a negative attitude, as he clearly had other ambitions than ending up in Kitchener by leaving Europe. But it was nothing.”

The father of the Daub clan is correct. Mesar’s plan A was to leave his native Slovakia and certainly not step into the Canadian junior league. Especially after two professional seasons of not competing with adults.

But Kitchener or not, the young man had a very specific plan in mind. And we wish the best of luck to anyone who wants to put a spoke in his wheels.

“We can’t believe he’s playing us.”

“I’m here to score goals, assists and points. I think that’s why Montreal sent me here: to dominate this league. I want to score as many goals as I can and be the best version of myself.”

Philip Messer, as you have just read, is very clear about his…

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