September 21, 2023

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Almost ⅔ of Adult Canadians Gamble

Lottery and raffle tickets are still the most popular way to gamble in Canada. People still enjoy the traditional ways of gambling as new popular gambling opportunities are also on a rise. This means that no less than ⅔ of adult Canadians gambled last year.

All over the world, gambling is becoming more popular. Canada is no exception. There are more opportunities to gamble than ever before, and the technology available today is making online gambling more attractive. In total no less than ⅔ of all adult Canadians gambled last year. These numbers include online gambling as well as lotteries, sports betting, land-based casinos, and so on. According to statistics from the Canadian government, the majority enjoy gambling as a fun leisure activity. But obviously, there are also some Canadians who struggle with gambling. Something that there’s also drawn attention to.

New technology makes online gambling more popular

In later years online casino games have become much more advanced. The technology used to make these games makes it possible to make casino games of a high quality that’s easily compared to most video games. Also, the pandemic changed many things in the entertainment industry. During these years people were forced to entertain themselves at home. Many chose online activities, which obviously also affected the popularity of online casinos.

At the same time, technology today is making it possible for online gamblers to get a real-life experience when gambling online. The live dealer feature and technology such as virtual reality make it possible for online casinos to offer an experience close to the one you’d get at a land-based casino. Read more about the development of online casinos online. OntarioCasinos has the latest online casino news.

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Increased attention to safe gambling

We’ve known for a long time that gambling can cause harmful gambling addiction. Luckily, it is a minority of gamblers that are struggling with addiction. But as the numbers of gamblers rise, so does the group of people with addiction. This is something to be very aware of as its popularity increases. It’s easier than ever before to access gambling opportunities online. This is why we are discussing safe gambling. No matter how much you gamble online, it’s important to be aware of practicing safe gambling. This means setting a budget for oneself and taking breaks when gambling. It also means always avoiding gambling when in distress.

Lotteries are still popular

There is still a significant amount of Canadians who like to gamble the old-fashioned way. In 2018 more than half of Canadians bought a lottery or raffle ticket. This number makes this type of gambling the most popular one in Canada. A bit over 12% also reported having gambled at electronic gambling machines. So, it’s not just online gambling activities that are popular. There is still a physical and social element to gambling that attracts Canadian gamblers. The same thing obviously goes for physical casinos that are still attractive entertainment destinations in Canada.