June 1, 2023

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Mid-term elections: Trump is already questioning the results that don’t exist yet

Mid-term elections: Trump is already questioning the results that don't exist yet

The evening has just begun, but already Donald Trump is repeating the same refrain in 2016 and 2020: “rigged elections”.

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At least that’s what emerged from the former president’s activity on his Truth social platform.

Indeed, since the afternoon and when the Americans began to intensify their presence at the polling stations, Donald Trump decided to resume a large part of the conspiratorial speech dedicated to the American electoral process.

Some observers wonder if he is doing this to compensate for possible Republican losses in states like Arizona or Michigan.

Donald Trump’s “Conspi” enfilade began shortly after dinner time.

Former host of the show The Apprentice A majority of Republican precincts in Arizona say electronic voting machines are malfunctioning.

This statement is incorrect. It is also the cover of one of the most prominent conspiracy theories of the American Right.

For some, manipulations are taking place in the election machines. People in this movement, such as Mike Lindell, owner of the My Pillow Company and notorious conspiracy theorist, argue that voting machines don’t work because they are conscientious objectors to Donald Trump.

Trump again followed suit by counting votes in Pennsylvania.

To remindPennsylvania may take several days to verify results due to verifications and subsequent counting at the close of polls on election day for early polls.

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This same conspiracy theory led to a key moment in the transition period between the Trump and Biden administrations: Rudy Giuliani, former New York mayor and pro-Trump, press conference in front of a landscaping company’s warehouse. In suburban Philadelphia.

Finally, Trump attacked early elections in Detroit and Michigan.

Advance voting is overwhelmingly Democratic in the United States. In states like Michigan, where he might even come from a black population, the population, Trump supporters will do for him Denied the right to vote.

By-election results are likely to be announced today evening. If the Republican Party wants to win, Donald Trump has decided to resume his greatest achievements.