December 5, 2023

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Five takeaways from the US election

Five takeaways from the US election

Amid relative disappointment for Republicans and uncertainty for now in the Senate, midterm elections in the United States on Tuesday changed the political landscape for the next two years.

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Here are the takeaways from these polls.

The House of Representatives leans Republican

“It’s clear we’re going to take over the House of Representatives”: Republican tenor Kevin McCarthy continued his optimism Tuesday into Wednesday as overnight results flowed in.

At 1:00 p.m. GMT on Wednesday, NBC News Channel estimated that the Republican Party had a total of 220 elected to the lower house, a two-seat majority and 11 wins compared to the previous legislature. Other mainstream media outlets were more careful not to predict election results at the time.

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Many decisive and controversial polls have yet to deliver their results, like in Colorado, where the very Trumpist Lauren Bobert found herself — and this is surprising — trailing Wednesday morning in the ballots counted up to that point.

The Senate is yet to make a decision

A majority could take days or even weeks in the Senate, where Democrats held a slim majority before the election.

Arizona, Nevada or Wisconsin were still undecided as of 1:00 p.m. GMT, with Republican Ron Johnson seemingly on track to retain his seat in the latter state.

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In Georgia, Pastor Raphael Warnock, the outgoing senator, faced off against former American football star Herschel Walker, while much was also undecided. If neither of these two African-American candidates exceeds 50% of the vote, Georgia election rules mandate a new election within four weeks.

A vote that could well determine a majority in the Senate is a vote that could distract everyone in America, and thus the political agenda in the United States for the next two years.

If Democrats are relatively disheartened that Colt Trumpist JD Vance didn’t spring a surprise win in Ohio, they can console themselves by looking to Pennsylvania, where Jody John Fetterman in a hoodie is Mehmet Oz, the star of television’s Dr. Dr. Dr. Dubbed by Donald Trump for a Senate seat previously held by a Republican.

No red wave

The “red” wave, the color of the Republicans, Many pre-election predictions have not materialized to the expected proportions. Although Republicans are on track to claim a majority in the House of Representatives, their margin will be narrower than expected.

“It wasn’t as big a wave as I expected. We’ve had some solid polls that have gone the other way at this point,” said Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who also predicted a “red tsunami.”

On NBC, Senator Lindsey Graham, a close friend of Donald Trump, also expressed his disappointment: “Definitely not a Republican wave, that’s for sure.”

On Wednesday morning, Joe Biden’s chief of staff was pleased with the results and quipped: “Never underestimate how underrated ‘Team Biden’ is”.

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Florida, the new Republican stronghold

Previously considered a “purple” state — one that could vote Democrat or Republican depending on the election — Florida appears to have shifted permanently into the Republican camp, with significant wins in the House of Representatives, in particular.

Their leader, Governor Ron DeSantis, He was re-elected by nearly 20 points over his Democratic opponentEnough to fuel his ambitions for a White House race in 2024.

Miami-Dade County, usually committed to Democratic interests, voted overwhelmingly for Ron DeSantis this time, a victory the daily Miami Herald attributed to his performance with Hispanic voters.

Diversity in the spotlight

With first places nationally and locally, diversity is another lesson learned from election night.

Democrat Maura Healy has moved that way First openly lesbian governor in the United States, when elected in the state of Massachusetts (northeast), James Rosener became the first transgender person to enter the local legislature in New Hampshire (northeast). Many transgender women have already been elected.

In Florida, “Generation Z” is today’s teenagers and young adults who entered the House of Representatives with Democrat Maxwell Frost, 25.

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