June 1, 2023

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Searching for food in garbage cans to cope with rising prices

Searching for food in garbage cans to cope with rising prices

Extreme food prices are pushing people to get more Dumpster diving (dechetarism), a practice that has lost ground in recent years.

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“With prices rising sharply, there is a chance that many will recover”, observed Marion Tetrault-de Bellefeuille, a ten-year follower of Decaturism.

Dichetarism is still jumping into dumpsters for good food to eat.

“We’ve noticed more people turning to this solution, especially at grocery store food prices,” commented a member of Dieterianism’s Facebook page who wished to remain anonymous.

Food cravings

News magazine Talked to about 20 people who confirmed this increase in dietary difficulties. We keep seeing more and more people littering the garbage cans. Most of those affected prefer to remain anonymous for fear of judgement.

While many businesses lock their dumpsters, others do the opposite.

“There are grocery stores that deposit unsold items like bread or vegetables in cardboard boxes. It is available. We pass and take what we need,” commented Marion Petrin, another follower of Dichterism for 2 years.


Food recovery is also often cited as a major motivation.

“Yes, we are attracted Dumpster diving For economic reasons, but as soon as we start doing it, we will absorb all the food waste,” illustrated Marion Tetrault-de Bellefeuille.

The result of a devotee's hard-earned loot last 24th.

Photo courtesy of Marion Tétrault-de Bellefeuille

The result of a devotee’s hard-earned loot last 24th.

In grocery stores, many foods are discarded due to packaging defects or expiration dates. However, customers prefer quick-to-eat products, as well as perishable fruits and vegetables.