February 25, 2024

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Hardest day for Trump since the election Midterm elections in the United States

Hardest day for Trump since the election  Midterm elections in the United States

The former president, who was personally involved in the campaign, dreamed of a landslide victory for his daughters-in-law before him. A very big announcement Next week’s promise – his possible presidential candidacy.

But red wave Although Republicans are well on their way to capturing a majority in the House of Representatives — a priori by a small head. Control of the Senate is very uncertain.

Although yesterday’s election was disappointing in some ways, it was a great victory in my personal senseDonald Trump argued on Truth Social on Wednesday.

However, the most impressive victory of the night for the conservative side remains the re-election of Florida governor Ron DeSantis. Donald Trump’s main and strongest opponent in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

His landslide victory over Democrat Charlie Crist cemented his status as a rising star, and an op-ed published by Fox News on Wednesday morning had already given Mr. DeSantis a new crown. Leader of the Republican Party.

Before the election, Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed concern Quality Candidates have been put forward by Donald Trump.

Superstar surgeon Mehmet Oz, dubbed by the former president, notably failed to win a key senatorial seat in Pennsylvania, where he lost to ultra-conservative and anti-abortion candidate Doug Mastriano, who was present during the attack on the Capitol. Governorship.

A former tenant of the White House may thus lose his luster King MakerAlthough there was one notable exception, Trumpist-turned-senator JD Vance won in Ohio.

The opportunity was lost

Since by-elections are generally favorable to the opposition, It shouldn’t be that hard for Republicans, commented for AFP Jon Rogowski, professor of political science at the University of Chicago. Above all in the face of high inflation combined with Joe Biden’s anemic popularity rating.

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Many candidates Support Donald Trump Performance is low, underlined Jon Rogowski. Some of his pets won the opposite.

Brian Kemp has publicly opposed Donald Trump, who has criticized his role in 2020 ballot certification, thus retaining his position as governor in Georgia.

These results show that You can be conservative, principled, and win against TrumpGeorge Washington University professor Peter Logue told AFP.

It’s time to move onThe Republican vice-governor of Georgia argued Wednesday on CNN’s Geoff Duncan, a critic of the former president.

Some Republican voters in Scottsdale, Arizona, are in favor. We prefer less separation. Trump is all about his egoIllustrated by AFP Lisa Christopher, blue cardigan over shoulders.

Ron DeSantis, a sixty-year-old woman who runs a small online business, is a The best politician. He is more modest, able to convince more people to work with himshe said.

Another Republican sympathizer, Bob Nolan, agrees. Donald Trump Great job done, he is what we need In 2016, but he Drags a lot of pans.

DeSantis is more down to earth and ready to compete In 2024, a visiting crane operator from Ohio struck.

Trump Livid

Former President on Wednesday morning Livid And shouted everyoneAccording to one of his advisers, quoted anonymously by CNN.

Donald Trump denied it to Fox News. And, when asked about his management advice A very big announcement Scheduled for November 15, he replied: Why change anything?

According to John Rogowski, with 2024 in mind, the early candidacy aims to pull the rug out from under the feet of opponents who might be seen as a febrile sign.

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This same November 15, another opponent of Donald Trump, his former Vice President Mike Pence, will publish his memoirs, the good pages of which will conveniently appear. Wall Street Journal on wednesday Mr. Pence described the pressures he faced to invalidate the results of the 2020 presidential election.

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