November 29, 2023

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Batman’s voice is heard

Batman's voice is heard

Kevin Conroy, who voiced the hero Batman in countless TV shows and movies, is no more.

Posted yesterday at 1:49 pm.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

Warner Bros. Studios announced that the 66-year-old American actor died on Thursday.

Kevin Conway first lent his voice to Batman in 1992 for the animated series. Batman: The Animated SeriesIt continued till 1996. It also appears in nearly 60 production credits, including 15 films (Mask of the Phantasm, especially) and video games (incl Multiverse); Each time, he takes on the popular role of the winged vigilante through voice.

Kevin Conroy also worked in several television series in the 80s Dynasty, Tour of Duty And Ohara. We could see that too Search for tomorrow, Another world, Cheers And MatlockEspecially.

Although he is most known for his voice work, Kevin Conroy once portrayed the famous Bruce Wayne for television in the series Crisis on Infinite Earths American Channel CW.

He is also a recurring guest at ComicCon-style events.

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