June 7, 2023

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The Canadian excels in the cursed category

The Canadian excels in the cursed category

Arber Shekaz has won over many fans in Montreal so far this season. The way he defends his teammates, his charisma as someone who has been playing in the NHL for 10 years, his life journey that led him to work at Costco during the pandemic, are all good reasons to team up with the mustachioed rookie. .

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Guillaume Lefrancois

Guillaume Lefrancois

To these reasons to like him, we must add the pearls he brings in interviews: “I always say the shots you don’t block hurt more than the ones you do block. »

Blocked shots were a prominent theme early in the Canadian season. A funny theme, because it’s a paradoxical statistic, as Joe Bocan sings [note : la chanson ne portait pas sur les tirs bloqués].

The paradox of blocked shots is that the statistic, however respectable it may be for each individual who puts himself through the trouble, is not flattering from a collective perspective.

Savard leads by example

In every Habs game so far, a player has boldly thrown himself in front of a puck, drawing the same reactions each time. At the Bell Center, applause from the crowd; Hitting the bench, on the road, to encourage the teammate in question.

On Wednesday, against the Vancouver Canucks, Brendan Gallagher sacrificed himself in front of a shot from Tyler Myers. A minute later, Kirby Dutch…

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