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Here are 7 Selena Gomez reveals from her documentary My Mind and Me

Here are 7 Selena Gomez reveals from her documentary My Mind and Me

Singer Selena Gomez assures her fans that she will only tell her darkest secrets in the introduction of her documentary. My mind and I. From his relationship with Justin Bieber, his breakup, his mental health issues, his lupus, his kidney transplant, the global star recounts his last six difficult years with emotion and clarity. Here are seven takeaways from the documentary, available on Apple TV+.

mental health

“Just found out I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder”

Anxiety attacks, depression: Selena was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after years of suffering and dark thoughts. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to go to the hospital,” said the person who had to cancel her tour Revival After 55 performances. I thought my life was over and would stay like this forever. “It doesn’t make me weak or bring me down,” she later said. That makes me human. »


Screenshot, Apple TV+

She hears voices

“I want you to feel what it’s like inside my head”

“My thoughts often control my mind,” explains the singer, who she tells her assistant and best friend throughout the documentary. The latter tells an emotional story of the hard times Selina went through. “She heard loud and loud voices. At a certain moment, she said: I want to be alive anymore, I want to live anymore. His eyes were black and empty. »

Split up with Justin Bieber

“It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

If Selena Gomez seems to be sticking it out with her ex-boyfriend, singer Justin Bieber, the paparazzi will continue to pester her – even now – about it. The star said that this breakup was the best thing that happened to him. “I felt haunted by an old relationship that no one wanted to let go of. I think I had to go through the worst heartache to get better. »

Family spirit

“I want a family, I want a mother, I want a normal life and be happy like everyone else”

Selena Gomez was 7 years old when she started working and hasn’t stopped since. While she loves her job, she admits that she sometimes wants a normal life, one that includes family and children. However, his love life is never mentioned in the documentary.

Health and Lupus

“My kidney transplant saved my life”

Suffering from lupus — a chronic relapsing autoimmune disease whose symptoms range from fatigue to joint pain, including the destruction of vital organs — the artist admitted she had a kidney transplant (a gift from her good friend Francia Raisa) in 2017. She saved her life. His lupus, however, returned during the pandemic.


Screenshot, Apple TV+

A voice for others

“My ultimate dream is to be able to save people’s lives”

Through her songs, through her music or by sharing the issues and struggles she’s been through, the star wants to “be a voice for others, for those who don’t know what’s going on with themselves and their emotions. The singer created the Race Impact Fund in 2020 and raised $100 million to provide free mental health resources to young people.

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“I blame myself for the way I treated my loved ones and my family, especially my mother and my stepfather”

Selena’s mother tearfully admitted that she learned her daughter had been hospitalized for a nervous breakdown after a phone call from a reporter from gossip site TMZ. Because Selena has cut ties with her family for some time. “I was afraid she was going to die, her mother said. It was a miracle that she came out. But there is always the fear that it will happen again. »

• Selena Gomez’s documentary My mind and I Available on Apple TV+