November 29, 2022

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Elon Musk and Entrepreneurial Gurus

Elon Musk and Entrepreneurial Gurus

You read the book SapiensBy Yuval Noah Harari?

Are you fascinated by this exciting story of human evolution?

Well, the author will soon have to add a new chapter to his worldwide bestseller.

Because a few years ago, in California, we saw the appearance of a hitherto unknown species of primates: the gurus entrepreneur.

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A sect leader

Known for his fondness for turtlenecks and funky glasses, the Gurus Entrepreneur (also known as the Gurus Billionaires) is, like his predecessor the Homo Entrepreneur, gifted in all things economics and finance.

While the homo entrepreneur makes money, creates jobs and enriches his shareholders (not bad in itself), the gurus entrepreneur thinks of himself as a philosopher.

Making money is not enough for him. He should lead humanity towards a better tomorrow.

It’s like a cross between Henry Ford, Karl Marx and the Dalai Lama.

For the gurus entrepreneur, his business is not just a money printing machine.

It is a branch. A religion.

An ideology.

When he launches a new product (for example, a new phone model with 16 cameras and a red button that beeps and beeps), he doesn’t just issue a press release.

He calls his employees and disciples to a great crowd with 3D projections and laser games.

Hence, its thousands of followers can admire all the functions of the beeping red button, on big screens.

And verbally thank their pastor who gave them the good news.

A fallen teacher

Do you have some free time ahead of you?

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A tip: Watch the series on Apple TV We crashed.

Starring the extraordinary Jared Leto, the eight-episode series tells the mind-blowing story of Adam Newman, a young Israeli entrepreneur who founded WeWork in 2010, aged just 31, to enable self-employed workers to hire co-workers. .

In just nine years, this small business was worth… $47 billion!!!

Unfortunately, Newman slipped down as quickly as he climbed the podium steps. In fact, in 2019, his company’s board members showed him the door.


That man (who walked without shoes) considered himself a guru. Not only did he want to increase his turnover, he wanted to “raise the level of consciousness of humanity” (that’s his company motto!).

The likes of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Uber founder Travis Kalanick.

These guys got so rich (“they hit Faberge eggs,” as Philippe-Vincent Fossey told me with a laugh) that they ended up thinking of themselves as gods.

See Musk: He didn’t buy Twitter to make money, noo. He bought it to “liberate” man.

We listen to these guru entrepreneurs and miss the good old days when investors just wanted to invest.