December 10, 2023

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Julien Lacroix Affair: “I’m going through painful and difficult times,” explains Rosalie Vaillancourt

Julien Lacroix Affair: "I'm going through painful and difficult times," explains Rosalie Vaillancourt

The past few days have not been easy for Rosalie Vaillancourt. in the story Posted to her Instagram subscribers, the comedian and 30-year-old young mother said she was currently going through “emotionally painful and difficult times”.

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In the last few days very cleverly on social networks, Rosalie Vaillancourt made an ephemeral publication for her approximately 186,000 subscribers, informing them of her state of affairs. In a photo with her daughter Marguerite Agar Vaillancourt, she wrote:

“I must admit that I am going through painful and emotionally difficult times right now. I haven’t posted anything in days and I’m weak. But I’m pretty well rounded. Thanks to my family and my friends. ”

“Thank you for all your messages of support, it balances out all the hateful messages we see in circulation and have a real impact on people’s lives”, she continued.

“Let’s be polite, this story is difficult and complicated for everyone involved.”

A recent report by Press And 98.5, in which some of Julien Lacroix’s victims recanted their testimony and said they regretted condemning him, seem to have left traces.

Lacroix’s former collaborator, Rosalie Vaillancourt, was cited in the investigation, as of 2020. to have At the time, she said she did not consider herself Lacroix’s victim, but said she saw him often make inappropriate gestures.

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In a new report by press, Annie Pariseau, Rosalie’s former manager, said the young woman had been abusive in the past.

The day the report was published, Rosalie was seen on the set of the show We tell each other. She assured that she felt she did the right thing by condemning Julien Lacroix two years ago, even though some of the victims’ testimonies seem to have changed since then.

“I hope there’s no girl reading this this morning and thinking, ‘Ah finally I’m going to keep this to myself,'” she wrote on social media.

The comedian finishes him off the story ‘I’m so happy’ she’s starting her shows today (Monday) and filming again, says Instagram.

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