November 28, 2022

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CHSLD Cook: Beneficiary accused of sexually assaulting a vulnerable person

CHSLD Cook: Beneficiary accused of sexually assaulting a vulnerable person

The beneficiary, who was arrested on Wednesday at CHSLD Cook for sexual abuse, appeared in the Trois-Rivières court in Marseille on Thursday morning and faced two sexual charges.

Kevin DuBois was released after appearing before Judge Me Jacques Trudel.

He was charged with two counts of sexual assault and soliciting contact or sexual intercourse with a person living with an intellectual disability.

These incidents may have happened on Tuesday.

“He has tough conditions to respect, not having a job, paid or unpaid, which puts him in a situation with a vulnerable person,” explained Crown Prosecutor, Mee Martin Tessier.

The 34-year-old also cannot be in the close presence of an elderly or vulnerable person, for example at home, have contact with his alleged victim or his former colleagues, and cannot carry weapons.

“With these conditions, I believe that public safety can be assured,” added Mr Tessier.

The alleged victim, a woman in her sixties living with an intellectual disability, is in care and receiving support.

“To attack a person who is compliant and has no ability or capacity to consent or refuse, yes, I find that despicable. Also, I would like to appreciate the staff. It is rare for staff to condemn such behavior,” asserts Paul Brunet, president of the board of directors and general manager of the Council for the Protection of the Sick.

According to Me Patrick Martin-Ménard, this incident highlights the importance of measures to protect vulnerable people in health institutions.

“These are people who cannot deny the abuses they are victims of, so that means they are also vulnerable to this type of abuse. We can’t take for granted that these abuses are on the one hand witnessed and condemned,” said Mi Martin-Menard, a lawyer specializing in health law.
Kevin DuBois is due back before a judge on Jan. 25 for further hearings.

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