September 27, 2023

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Militant Journalism: Who Controls the Media?

Militant Journalism: Who Controls the Media?

This is causing a stir among journalists.

Many youths are demanding that they too can be militants.

It has already spread heavily in their work.

Traditional media leaders rise in the name of objectivity.

How could you, the day after the FPJQ Congress, who had raised the stakes, participate in a demonstration against global warming and cover the environment minister’s press conference the next day objectively?

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We often defend the right to committed journalism by saying that respecting the facts is the most important thing.

This is an oddity, because a committed journalist often selects only the facts that identify his position.

Note, however, that militant journalism has been around for a long time.

But it is expanding. See what happened destiny in less time.

The question is whether it should take up more space (no, in my opinion) and whether objectivity is a myth (no, in my opinion) or not.

Have you noticed that these young journalists are specifically demanding the right to left-wing journalism?

It’s so automatically obvious to them that they don’t need to spell it out.

For example, would they support a “committed” journalist who explores the negative effects of mass immigration?

This demand for left-leaning newspapers stems from their belief that right-wing ideas dominate the media.

It was very funny.

The Left strongly believes that the media is dominated by the Right. She always points to the usual suspects: Martino, Bock-Côté, myself. But there is no Fox News in Quebec.

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The right is concerned about the increasing restrictions on freedom of expression that are defended in the name of vocivism in the media, arts, academia, etc.

All this raises an interesting question: What is the dominant ideology in the cultural sphere and in the media?

Indeed, to simplify, there is a political sphere and a cultural sphere.

In the political arena, the case is heard: Quebec, QS, has only one clear left party and its weight is 15%.

The rest of the spectrum is occupied by right-wing and center-wing parties, with some figures from the far-left.

The cultural sector is almost exclusively made up of journalists, artists, teachers and intellectuals.

Who can deny that he is massively on the left?


Speaking of France, essayist André Perrin offers a test that applies to Quebec as well.

What do we often see? He asks.

“Would an intellectual be accused of being regressive, deny it, and declare that he has always been faithful to the values ​​of the Left? Or is the left-wing intellectual (…), protesting that he is misunderstood, swearing by his great gods that he always supports far-right ideas as well? »

As they say, asking a question is answering it.

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