April 1, 2023

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Parliamentary Identity: The Conservatives are supported by the PQ

Parliamentary Identity: The Conservatives are supported by the PQ

The Conservatives should have access to resources from the National Assembly even if they don’t elect any MPs, Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon believes.

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“Although we do not always agree with this statement, the party representing the voice of thousands of Quebec citizens must be heard and take its place in the National Assembly,” the PQ leader said in a press release. Press, Monday morning.

After the election, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, is asking for three things: that the National Assembly be allowed to hold press briefings, that he be given an office in parliament and that he be allowed to attend closed sessions normally reserved for elected officials, such as when the budget is presented.

To justify his demands, Mr. Duhaime argued that his party won the support of more than half a million voters on October 3, and that these requests cost taxpayers nothing, two claims the PQ leader repeated word for word. Advertisement

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“If a party gets 13% of the votes, I think it is entitled to at least one floor in the National Assembly. The demands of the Conservative Party cost nothing in public funds and since the current voting system has caused an unprecedented distortion in the composition of the National Assembly, we must do everything in our power to restore a certain democratic balance », Mr. St- expressed. Pierre Plamondon.

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Eric Duhaime and Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon also unanimously condemn the “historical democratic distortion” resulting from our voting system, pointing out that it is dangerous not to “restore a certain democratic balance” when certain benefits have to be given up. For parties that do not support seats in Parliament.

“There is an old saying that if things are not decided in Parliament, they are often heard in the street,” said the PQ leader.

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The Conservative Party in Quebec won 13% of the vote on October 3, but did not elect any MNAs. The Parti Québécois received more than 14% of the vote and only three seats. With fewer votes than the PQ, the Liberals finished with 21 seats.

At the end of the debate on speaking time and the party’s operating budget in the National Assembly, PQ members stormed out, accusing other political parties of acting in bad faith and forcing them to sign a “cheap deal”. .