March 1, 2024

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A coupon ‘junkie’ wants to donate hundreds of groceries

A coupon 'junkie' wants to donate hundreds of groceries

A young Saguenay woman with a passion for discount coupons is preparing to donate hundreds of food items to those in need this holiday season.

This is the fourth year Amelie Gregoire has given herself this personal challenge. She spends two to three hours a day searching for discounts and coupons to buy as many food items as possible for Moisson Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. She has spent at least one full day of shopping every week since late September: According to her, the acquisitions represent about $14,000, and her purchases are far from over.

“It’s just about helping. I’ve always been a generous person, so this is natural for me. I have been couponing for nine years, I have always helped those around me and made Christmas baskets. By donating it to an organization, I know they will segregate it fairly and give it to those in need,” she explained.

Inflation makes it harder to find good bargains, she finds. However, it can count on the generosity of many sponsors who provide all kinds of prizes. A coupon fan sells raffle tickets to people around him to increase the amount of his purchases. It also solicits big companies to get discount coupons.

David-Alexander Vincent/QMI Agency

In addition to food, Saguenéenne buys a wide variety of daily necessities. “Moisson Saguenay told me this year that there was a shortage of personal hygiene products, so I bought a hundred shampoos, household products, mosquito repellent and baby milk. These are expensive products.

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At Moisson Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Amélie Grégoire’s initiative was not welcome. “Every year his donations are really appreciated. People often give us non-perishable food, but for personal hygiene products, the population doesn’t always know that this is also part of our needs,” said Yannick Soumis, general manager of the organization. This contribution is more at a time when citizens are giving less in the face of inflation. Important.

“Couponies” will give her a donation on December 16 and invite citizens who can encourage her to grow the ton of food she wants to serve.

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