October 3, 2023

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Saint-Laurent | The PLQ has called for an investigation into the counting of votes in the Quebec 2022 elections

As per the official results released DGEQFormer footballer Balarama Holness’ formation received 46.07% of the vote in the sector of Boudrias, Hartenstein and Buchanan streets, which received 2.2% of the vote. QLP – a surprising score to say the least in this traditionally liberal constituency.

However, a survey to have The figures, published Wednesday morning, suggest that reality is far from over, with more Liberal supporters meeting daily than voters who voted for Bloc Montreal.

In light of this article, a manifest error appears to have occurredLiberal MP Marwa Rizki, elected in Saint-Laurent on October 3, said on Twitter.

Because Every vote counts and must be counted correctlyasks Mrs. Rizki DGEQ He should be investigated according to the powers given to him.

It is important to protect the integrity of the electoral process and if there is a flaw, to correct it and above all, to learn from this flaw and not to reproduce it. »

A quote from Marwa Rizki, Liberal MP for Saint-Laurent

But Ms Rizki in her response said she would not ask for a judicial recount. Because the end sought must be the annulment of the election.

She also knows the courts very well It’s crowded And Tax payers money should be well invested.

The DGEQ His request has not yet been responded to.

Via Radio-Canada, Balarama said on Wednesday that he has faith in Wholeness A tough process from DGEQ. According to him, he doesn’t No doubt the result will be the same In Polling Division 144 in the event of a full investigation.

In the 2021 municipal elections, his Movement Montréal party came Won many categories And Not Valerie Plante or Denis Coderre [n’avaient] Requested for investigationHe pointed out.

Liberals, he said, Have a little more humility [qu’ils ont mené] Worst campaign in their history.

When questioned on the issue in the press gallery of the National Assembly, both the Quebec Solidaire (QS) and the Parti Québécois (PQ) favored an investigation. DGEQ At Saint Laurent.

I think it’s worth looking intoDeputy Vincent Marissal announced QS. Is it a malpractice in the polling division? I don’t know. It happens, sometimes it happens.

PQ member for Matane-Matapedia, Pascal Bérubé, for his part in 2018, Elections Quebec He dumped the ballot boxes in a canal on Route 195In his constituency. I always thought I was missing out on getting 70%He added.

In the same year, the QP She also realized that no vote had been registered for her candidate, Meganne Perry Melancon, in the polling division where she lived, Mr. Berube recalled. Finally PQ was elected after judicial recounting.