June 1, 2023

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What happened to the former MusiquePlus VJs?

What happened to the former MusiquePlus VJs?

A new web series MusicPlus years The spirit of the station, about ten episodes in time, makes it possible to revive it. But what happened to the VJs who represented the dynamic channel for 33 years? Here are some.

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Nabi-Alexandre Chartier

First winner Wanted a VJ, who worked with the TV channel till 2007, is now working with Radio-Canada for some time and is now involved in several ICI premiere shows. He is the host of the show A cultural stop Broadcast on ICI RDI on Saturdays at 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Tatiana Polevoy

The creator of the web series, which will be released on November 5, Tatiana Polevoy made her debut on MusiquePlus in 2009 after winning the third edition of the competition. Wanted a VJ. An edition that grew out of competition between Frédéric Bastian Forrest, Genevieve Lefebvre-Tardif and Carl Hardy, which is still evolving in media today.

After a 3-year stint with the station, she worked as a host, columnist and researcher for several TV, radio and web shows.

Stefan “Gonzo” Gonzalez

Tatyana Polevoy’s spouse quickly switched to sports when he left the station. At the end of his second stay at the legendary establishment on the corner of Saint-Catherine and Bloorie, he joined TVA Sports, then 91.9 Sports, where he spent 8 years. He has been hosting since the fall Afternoon La Poche Bleu on TVA Sports.

Sabrina Cournoyer

After radio in Port-Cartier, Rimouski and Drummondville, now a cultural columnist. hello Joined MusiquePlus in 2012, winning a competition to host a show Click.

A short stint in social media management Live from the universe Later, she got a call in 2015 to replace her Hi hello weekend Another VJ, Tatiana Polevoy, is going on maternity leave. “I’ve been sending my demo and my CV for years without getting it back. I was finally contacted when I least expected it for maternity leave replacement. When we owe, we owe! You have to believe in life”, she said in a 2017 interview with the magazine 7 days.

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Isabelle Desjardins

The man who came to the station in 2002 didn’t make the spotlight until he started the podcast last summer. Isa blah blahAvailable on all listening platforms.

Host of More on order Spouse of former Canadian player David Desharnais. She followed him to Switzerland, aligning herself with HC Friborg-Goteron for the 2022-2023 season.

Regine “Rez” Laplanche

Most people remember the guy with the skateboard in his face and the epic performance 123 Punk. Regine Clavey remains a true reference in this genre of music.

After 16 years at MusiquePlus, he has been at the helm of the show for five years Original Version (VO) At ICI Radio-Canada Acadie, he hosts artists for interviews and performances. Now he is hosting the show Rej against morning at BLVD 102.1 FM.

Cheli Sauv-Castongue

The Franco-Ontarian’s name will always be associated with MusiquePlus, having spent 12 years at the station.

After working for a short time at It starts wellAnd hosting the first Quebec edition big brotherShe will co-host the morning show on Energy 104.1 Gatineau-Ottawa with Phil Denis and Phil Brown starting in 2021.