February 6, 2023

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As if nothing ever happened

As if nothing ever happened

They beat us. As we look forward to an evening full of discomfort due to sexual misconduct allegations against singer Win Butler, Arcade Fire put on a very effective concert, which was heartily applauded by the 10,500 crowd. As if nothing ever happened.

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We’re going to the Bell Center this Saturday evening in December, which is like an ex: half-back dinner. The past few months have been heavy to say the least regarding Montreal Group news.

From the end of August, with the publication of the American media Pitchfork About Win Butler’s actions, almost everything said about Arcade Fire is negative. The musicians began their world tour three days after the article was published, and they often performed their concerts in front of smaller crowds, without addressing the controversy in any way.

How is Saturday going to be, to see the once beloved, now “unloved” team of the metropolis? Well, pretty good, we have to agree.

Back in the past

In 2017 there was an audience of 14,400 – despite the stands being packed to the brim – with thousands of people in attendance skipping the last few months to fully enjoy the concert.

After a very inspired set by DJ Cosmo Gonik, the eight members of Arcade Fire appeared at the other end of the rink. They walked through the crowd. Win Butler, all smiles High five For everyone in its path. We were a little underwhelmed by this carousel.

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They settled on the small central stage and played the first notes Environment #1 (Tunnels). We recognized right away when Arcade Fire was exploding in the Montreal indie scene in 2005. “Cursed”, we said to ourselves. They have us.

Still alive

Later, the team reached the main stage. In front of a huge half-moon screen, it first showed stars, then a giant eye, playing arcade fire Age of anxiety. But it is Ready to start It really started.

Admittedly, this is not a perfect concert. The only time anyone feels uncomfortable is when they see Vin singing.” Free my body (Free my body) during My body is a cage, with his wife Regine Chassagne. Words that have suddenly taken on another meaning in recent months.

And although we’ve heard a lot of them this year, songs from the new album We are Saturday didn’t make us hot or cold. It is as if we are separated from it now. On the other hand, it is a completely different story for them funeral (Tunnels, Power Out, Rebellion, Haiti, Wake Up) It still moves us. So, don’t deny old love overnight.

Not much of a talker, Winn told the crowd he was filled with “gratitude” to be able to complete the tour “at home.” He remained silent on the allegations. Regine offered “thank you” in French.

When the scandal hit this summer, it was believed that the Arcade Fire would never recover. On Saturday, we planned to attend the group’s farewell concert in Montreal, or even its funeral. But seeing thousands of spectators dancing throughout the evening, it seems that the fire cannot be extinguished.

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