December 10, 2023

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Adam Fantilly | Talented with personality

Adam Fantilly |  Talented with personality

(Ann Arbor, Michigan) Saturday evening, late November, we arrive a few minutes late for a post-game interview with Adam Fantilly. The evening’s other interviews were a bit more packed and backstage at the University of Michigan’s Yost Ice Arena, apparently requiring a degree from the University of Michigan.

Although it is approaching 10 pm, he doesn’t get angry at the delay and doesn’t look like someone who has gone to count his minutes. Touted as one of the three best prospects for the 2023 draft, the youngster already holds a certain status in the hockey world. Some players with this condition become impatient with the condition. He is not.

The team publicist teased him with a bad shot, which he tried to believe Press It demanded that the interview be done entirely in French.

“I took French lessons for eight years at school, but I wasn’t very good,” he admits.

“I come from a background where even English sometimes breaks down. My father’s family is Italian, my mother’s is Polish.

– Do you speak Italian?

– I understood a little of it, about a word in three, so I had an idea of ​​what was being said.

– And Polish?

– Not at all… There are letters that don’t even exist in English! »

It must be said that a cursory investigation of his subject declares that we have before us a fascinating figure. For example, one of the photos…

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