February 23, 2024

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Americans voted in Georgia, a new test for Biden

Americans voted in Georgia, a new test for Biden

A pastor against a former American football star: In a vote with serious consequences for the continuation of Joe Biden’s mandate, residents of the state of Georgia were called on Tuesday to decide between two candidates for the US Senate.

Outgoing senator, Democrat Raphael Warnock, opposed Donald Trump, sportsman Herschel Walker. It was the last act of the by-elections to the Assembly, the second round of which was held in the state to decide between the two candidates.

The ballot is guaranteed to be tight. Some surveys show candidates neck and neck and the final results may not be known for several days.

US President Joe Biden on Monday urged Georgia voters to turn out at the polls starting at 7 a.m. local time (12 p.m. GMT) as the election was “absolutely necessary.”

Of course, this seat does not depend on the balance of power in the American Congress: Democrats have already secured control of the Senate at the end of the “midterms”. Meanwhile, the Republicans took over the House.

But this election, in this southern state with a large African-American population, will be decisive for the rest of Joe Biden’s mandate.

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$400 million

Republicans see this seat in the Senate as an opportunity to increase their power to block the policies of the Democratic leader. With 700 days until the next presidential election, the opposition is also hoping to break the momentum of Joe Biden, who performed better than expected in November’s legislative elections.

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On the Democratic side, a victory would consolidate Joe Biden’s party’s slim majority in the Senate, giving him greater influence in necessary parliamentary committees. It is the graveyard of many of the Biden administration’s major projects, significantly limiting the right-wing Democratic senator’s influence.

To realize their ambitions, Democrats have called on their heavyweights to defend: former President Barack Obama, arguably one of the party’s most charismatic figures, campaigning in Atlanta last week.

A sign of the importance and interest of these dues: Nearly $400 million was injected into the ballot, making it the most expensive midterm election ever.

Of the seven million registered, 1.9 million people voted early.

If these ballots indicate a greater Democratic mobilization, Republicans should vote on Tuesday instead.

Hence it is difficult to predict the outcome of this race.

Diversity profiles

Historically Republican, Georgia surprised America by preferring Joe Biden to Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, then sending two Democrats to the Senate two months later.

Bordering Florida, this state is once again at the heart of all desires. This time, the distinctive profile of the candidates also stands out.

With numerous athletic records, Republican Herschel Walker, considered one of the greatest players in college football history, entered politics late in life.

The 60-year-old is seeking to succeed Raphael Warnock, who served as a pastor at Martin Luther King’s former desk in Atlanta before becoming a Georgia senator in 2021.

But Trump’s pro-African-American candidate’s campaign has been splashed by several recent scandals, including Herschel Walker, known for his anti-abortion positions, accused of financing the abortions of his former colleagues, among other things.

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