October 3, 2023

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Rémy Girard, Sophie Lorraine and Marie-Mai in Denis Arcand’s Testament

Rémy Girard, Sophie Lorraine and Marie-Mai in Denis Arcand's Testament

An impressive cast of ready, Denis Arcand’s upcoming feature film has now been unveiled. Remy Girard headlines this satirical comedy that takes a critical look at our times.

A person who has acted in many films including a famous filmmaker The Decline of the American Empire And Barbarian invasions, this time slipping into the skin of Jean-Michel Bouchard, a retiree from the National Archives who has lost faith in humanity. The latter seeks new benchmarks “in an age of political correctness, identity evolution, protests, cultural scandals, activism, media storms and other controversies.”

Photo courtesy of John Thijs, Cinemamaginer

Remy Girard readyA new film by Denis Arcand

Actor, his recent performance You will remember me Unanimously acclaimed, the filmmaker’s previous films (with many actors such as Yves Jacques, Johanne-Marie Tremblay, Robert Lepage, Pierre Curzi, Genevieve Schmidt, Marcel Sabourin, Gaston Néron and Caroline Lepage, and Carolinene Lepage, among others). We also find in the credits the names of Sophie Lorraine (not identified as director of the seniors’ home), Guylaine Tremblay, Denis Bouchard, Charlotte Aubin, Guillaume Lambert, Louis-José Houde, Clemens Desrochers, René Richard Sears. Brigitte Paquette, Daniel Fichaud, Louis Turcotte, Luc Seine and Marie-Soleil Dion!

Mary-Mai’s first film role

The most surprising presence in this skewer is undoubtedly Mary-Mai in the film’s first significant role. In a short video where all the characters introduce themselves, the singer and host, borrowing the look of a woman who clearly doesn’t want to be imposed, says: “Contrary to what one might think, I’m very smart! “We don’t know more at the moment.

“We heard about Mary-Mai’s interest in the game and we asked her if she would agree to audition for a part that would require a day of filming,” explains producer Denise Robert. Press. She was so good during this trial that Denis offered her a second female role in a feature film, the first being handled by Sophie Lorraine. »

has completed the filming of ready Last week, Denis Arcand wanted to pay tribute to the actors of his film. “It was an amazing shoot, all the actors were in great shape and in a happy mood. Hopefully the end result is worth it! “, he commented with this statement relayed to us.

A new collaboration

And we know that ready Distributed by TVA Films, Denise Robert was picked up by withdrawing from Seville Films theatrical film distribution with the company she worked with for many years.

Photo courtesy of Cinema

in ready, Denis Arcand’s new film, Sophie Lorraine stars as the director of a seniors’ home.

“When we learned that Sevilla was ceasing theatrical distribution, we were in full swing Vanishing lines, the producer recalled. and filming ready imminent It put us in a difficult position because when we started shooting we couldn’t do what we would normally do as a promotion. It also became imperative for us to do business with a company that could return the rights to the holders in the event of a shutdown, so that our films would not end up in the hands of a company in the United States. .. TVA Films was able to put what we needed on the table so we could get on with our work quickly. Collaboration is great. »

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A specific release date has yet to be considered, but ready The poster will definitely be taken in the year 2023.