November 30, 2023

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Peru’s president is deposed and imprisoned

Peru's president is deposed and imprisoned

Later, Peruvian judge Pedro Castillo announced the arrest.

He is under arrest, prosecutor Marita Barreto told the press after the judicial administration published pictures of the former head of state, deposed by parliament, sitting in an armchair and surrounded by prosecutors and police. Justice Department sources told AFP that an investigation is underway Rebellion opened against Mr. Castillo.

I thought [le pouvoir] According to the Constitution of Peru from that moment And until July 2026Mr. When Castillo’s mandate was about to end, the 60-year-old lawyer Ms. Boluarte announced in a ceremony in front of the Parliament.

Elected in July 2021 alongside the now former left-wing president and from the same Marxist-inspired party (Free Peru), she is the first woman to lead Peru.

Six investigations have been opened against Pedro Castillo for alleged corruption or influence peddling, including his family and his political entourage.

In addition, the whereabouts of his wife and children are also unknown, although rumors suggest they may have taken refuge in the Mexican embassy in Lima.

His dismissal Moral incompetenceBroadcast live on television, 101 of the 130 members of parliament approved, with 80 in the opposition.

US diplomacy did not immediately consider Pedro Castillo as the current president of the country and praised the role of parliamentarians.

Last minute maneuvers

Peru’s new president, Dina Boluvarte

Photo: Getty Images/Lilian Suanrumpha

In a last-minute bid to protect himself from impeachment, Pedro Castillo announced the dissolution of parliament just hours before it convened to discuss his fate.

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He also announced a creation Government of extraordinary emergency with a goal Restore the rule of law and democracy and the desired guarantee Convene as soon as possible a new Congress with constitutional powers to frame a new constitution within a period not exceeding nine months.

The Judiciary, the Judiciary, the Ministry of Public Affairs, the National Council of Justice and the Constitutional Court were announced under reorganizationHe also announced that

was fired by his vice president

Dina Boluvarte immediately denied it on Twitter A coup that exacerbates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society must overcome by strictly respecting the law..

It’s a sad coup for failure, Peru wants to live in democracyConstitutional Court President Francisco Morales also responded to RPP Radio. No one is loyal to a predatory governmentHe added.


Hundreds of protesters gathered outside parliament. We are tired of this corrupt government, this government [nous] Flying since day oneJohanna Salazar, a 51-year-old worker, told AFP, referring to Pedro Castillo’s government.

He goes to jail. I feel sorry for him and his familyRoxana Torres, a 48-year-old retailer, sympathizes, while Ricardo Palomino, a 50-year-old systems engineer, says Dina Boluarte is hopeful. Works well And She surrounds herself with people who can advise her well.

But others called People’s vote should be respectedA 50-year-old municipal employee like Sissy. People’s vote should be respected. Since the arrival of the president, they insulted him, they did not accept the president from the provinces. The people are not Lima, but all of PeruShe is angry.

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Moral incompetence

The Peruvian Parliament voted to remove President Castillo.

Peruvian Congress President Jose Williams Zapata released the results of the vote to impeach President Pedro Castillo during a plenary session in Lima.

Photo: Getty Images / CRIS BOURONCLE

Mr. Castillo has previously avoided two motions by parliament for his removal, the last of which was in March 2022, mainly blamed for repeated ministerial crises and the formation of four governments in eight months, an unprecedented event in Peru.

This is the removal Moral incompetence Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (right) in 2018 and Martin Vizcarra (center) in 2020 did better than Pedro Castillo (left), who already unseated two sitting presidents.

Mr. Vizcarra’s dismissal sparked demonstrations that were violently suppressed, leaving two dead and hundreds injured. With his departure Peru has had three presidents in five days.

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