September 30, 2023

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They don’t run out of money and gifts


As the Christmas holidays are approaching, it’s time to go gift shopping to enjoy this moment with the family. As Venus moves into Capricorn on December 10, Jupiter moves into Pisces on December 20, and then Aries, this zodiac sign will be lucky and receive plenty of money. He does not hesitate to give gifts to his loved ones and spoil them.

Which zodiac signs will be lucky this Christmas?

When we think of the month of December, we inevitably imagine the year-end celebrations with Christmas To meet with family. This period is favorable for it birth sign And they can make their loved ones happy on Christmas.

the bull


Taurus Source: spm

Go Taurus A very happy time Christmas is approaching in the month of December. Indeed, Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, transits Capricorn on December 10, bringing good luck to representatives of this epicurean earth sign. Venus has a benefic influence On the bulls And affects their relationships and finances. They have a well-stocked wallet to face unexpected events and gift all kinds of gifts to their loved ones. The stars are really in favor of Taurus and the month of December will be full of contentment for them. Especially financially. Thanks to all the sacrifices made in the previous weeks, Taurus will reap the fruits of their labor and have a substantial income. However, to avoid the risk of overspending, Taurus should save cautiously.

The end of this year will be very positive for this zodiac sign. They are also financially fortunate and can afford Christmas presents.



Aries Source: spm

Transit of Jupiter in Aries From December 20 and will positively affect representatives of this fire sign. Aries can get extra income Interesting professional offers and thus spoil their loved ones. Aries are also very excited as Christmas approaches, as they are able to make progress in creative pursuits they are passionate about.. They get to celebrate all their achievements at the end of the year. On top of that, Aries can be proud of their evolution. On the love side, they gain maturity. Stars give them optimism to end the year in style.



Gemini Source: spm

The Gemini is the ruling planet Affects them positively. In fact, Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6 and gives them a boost of confidence. This allows them to respect their limits during the holiday season, which can be difficult during family reunions. The month of December is synonymous with appointments and their social calendar is full. They will have no difficulty in making New Year plans and finding a suitable place to celebrate it well. Who knows, a Gemini may meet unexpectedly at a very positive time this year.

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