September 26, 2023

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French defense: Investment Quebec’s big boss criticizes La 96 and calls for relaxation

French defense: Investment Quebec's big boss criticizes La 96 and calls for relaxation

The CEO of Investment Quebec (IQ), Guy LeBlanc, in front of an audience of businessmen yesterday afternoon, tormented Bill 96, the new Bill 101, by publicly citing the company’s case for divestment. Here.

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“We have a file that was announced and they thought they should withdraw the interpretation of Law 96,” Guy LeBlanc shared during an exchange with Michel LeBlanc, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal (CCMM).

Investments are at risk

After receiving “supports” and “necessary flexibility”, the company finally decided to continue its investments with us, Mr. Guy LeBlanc continued.

“Interpreting the law is a huge challenge,” he sums up.

Later invited to provide the name of the company in question, IQ’s communications declined to reveal it.

After raising the case, Guy LeBlanc went so far as to wonder aloud whether Legault needed to relax Government Act 96.

“That, I did not say: are there any desired relaxations? Maybe,” he said in answer to his own question.

Last September, News magazine A US company told the story of companies fearing the ‘fear’ message being sent after it decided to stop shipping its products here ‘because of Bill 96’.

“The new restrictions and gray areas may scare off some players who want to invest in Quebec,” warned Michel Rochet, president of the Retail Council of Canada (RCCC).