April 1, 2023

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Meghan and Harry: Dutrijak has a lot to say about “these two taber***”.

Meghan and Harry: Dutrijak has a lot to say about "these two taber***".

When it comes to Meghan and Harry, Benoît Dutrizac has a hard time keeping calm. As Sophie Durocher noted in her column on QUB Radio, we can’t say that his take on the royal couple is hard to define.

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“I watched five minutes. Spoiled children, brats … ”, Dutrizak estimated.

The host was forced to agree with cursing and vomiting sounds as she tried to give her take on the ‘Megflix’ series as some have dubbed it.

What particularly horrifies the two star hosts is that Meghan and Harry have cried loud and clear that the paparazzi have stolen their privacy, but in the same breath, both have expanded on it in the public square on the television series.

“I don’t know how they throw themselves off the bridge,” joked Benoît Dutrizac.

Despite everything, Sophie Durocher’s column brings a different perspective to a social phenomenon.

“I don’t understand why young women from all over the planet dream of being a part of this family,” she marveled.

A clear opinion, that’s for sure. If anything, the studio carpet comes out intact…

Listen to the Durocher-Dutrizak match live every day at 12:45pm on QUB Radio.

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