April 1, 2023

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California | A state of emergency has been declared in Los Angeles over the number of homeless people

California |  A state of emergency has been declared in Los Angeles over the number of homeless people

(Los Angeles) The mayor of Los Angeles declared a state of emergency on Monday as homelessness skyrocketed, saying he wanted “radical change” to solve the vexing problem for America’s second-largest city.

Thousands of people sleep on the streets of Los Angeles, their tents scattered around the city to the amazement of tourists visiting one of the richest urban areas on the planet.

Populations that are also more affected by mental health or addiction issues.

Karen Bass, elected the city’s first female mayor in November, took office on Sunday and declared a state of emergency the next day.

Photo by Jay C. Hong, Associated Press Archives

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass

“I will not tolerate a homelessness crisis that affects over 40,000 people and affects all of us,” she explained.

My goal is to lead Los Angeles in a new direction with a swift and strategic approach to solving one of the toughest challenges facing our city.

Karen Bass, Mayor of Los Angeles

“Resorting to a state of emergency will allow us to speed things up,” assured Karen Bass, announcing a “radical change” in operating mode.

In the coming days, the city councilor indicated that he would sign a series of decrees to address the issue, for example by providing temporary accommodation through the rental of apartments and hotel rooms.

Formerly elected to the House of Representatives, Karen Bass of Los Angeles is very involved in the community life of her hometown.

After a campaign dominated by the pervasive issue of homelessness in local public debate, she was elected mayor against wealthy property developer Rick Caruso.

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Some of the most expensive rents in the country, a high cost of living and taxes that are higher than the national average further complicate the situation.

Photo by Frederic J. Brown, Agence France-Presse

As Los Angeles prepares to host the Olympic Games in 2028, many observers believe the municipality will be more motivated to remove multiple tents, sometimes installed only a few meters from luxury shops or villas.