February 24, 2024

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Liberal Charles Sousa has won the Mississauga-Lakeshore federal by-election

The riding in the suburbs of Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario is therefore liberally controlled.

Charles Sousa, who served as Ontario’s finance minister under Kathleen Wynne’s government, announced the victory Monday evening. He was elected with 12,194 votes, or 51.2% of the vote, over his main opponent, conservative candidate Ron Chinzer, who received 8,873 votes, or 37.3% of the vote.

Out of 89,863 registered voters, 23,800 voters exercised their right to vote. 26.48% turnout was recorded in Canadian elections.

More than a hundred supporters gathered at the venue to welcome him.

As your representative in Ottawa, I want you to know that I am here to support you, to work with you and to be pragmatic in finding the right solutions to the challenges we face.Mr. Sousa confirmed in his victory speech.

It is an honor to serve this great community and join an Ottawa team that shares these values.

Philippe Fournier, creator of 338Canada, a statistical model of election predictions based on polls, demographics and electoral history, believes the victory for Charles Sousa and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals is bad news for new Conservative leader Pierre Poilivre.

The seat has been vacant since the departure of Liberal MP Sven Spengemann last summer.

Charles Sousa, who served as MPP for Mississauga South for 11 years, enjoyed visits from Justin Trudeau and several federal cabinet ministers during his election campaign.

Contrasted with the lack of official support for his main rival, Ron Chinzer, who runs under the Conservative banner and represents the first electoral test for official opposition leader Pierre Poilivre.

The Conservative platform is not fully developed, so if Mr. Poilivre wants to take the opportunity to present new ideas from the Conservative Party, there are not many new ideas to propose.Analyzed by political scientist Genevieve Tellier of the University of Ottawa.

In the absence of this platform, It’s better not to overdo it than to make promises or statements that can backfire [les conservateurs]She explains in an interview with Radio-Canada.

If the trend is confirmed, Charles Sousa’s arrival in federal politics and his experience in finance will also reignite speculation about a potential cabinet reshuffle, according to Ms Tellier. Some rumors send [l’actuelle ministre des Finances, Chrystia Freeland] Elsewhere, outside of Canadian politics.

Mr. Sousa has come to help Justin Trudeau a lot by bringing economic or financial expertise. We cannot say that Mr. Trudeau has a large economic team around him and therefore having Mr. Sousa will certainly improve the government’s expertise in this area. »

A quote from Genevieve Tellier, political scientist

32 independent candidates protested against Justin’s decision Trudeau broke his promise to reform the voting system.

In addition to liberals and conservatives, the major parties are represented NDP, Julia Cole and the Green Party, with Mary Kidnew.

Since forming government in 2015, the Trudeau Liberals have retained seven of their own seats in byelections, winning two ridings held by other parties and losing one seat they previously held. Between 2006 and 2015, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives retained nine seats, won four and lost one.

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