February 24, 2024

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Quebec welcomes 112,000 immigrants: Trudeau forced to explain himself

Quebec welcomes 112,000 immigrants: Trudeau forced to explain himself

In a year-end interview with The Canadian Press, Mr. Trudeau took this number in his answer to a question on the subject.

Quebec currently has full capacity to welcome 112,000 immigrants per year. […] This is a statementHe said on Monday.

The Prime Minister challenged that Quebecers represent 22.3% of the Canadian population and that this figure corresponds to a ratio of 112,000. His government recently announced that it would welcome 500,000 immigrants each year by 2025.

On Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau walked back his comments during question period, accusing the Bloc and the Conservatives of interfering with Quebec’s ability to set its own immigration thresholds.

The decision belongs to Quebec

I did not provide statistics for Quebec, he argued. I recognize that Quebec has the ability to raise its immigration thresholds if it so desires. [Les autorités québécoises] These powers exist because we recognize the importance to Quebec of protecting the French language and the nation of Quebec.

However, in a year-end interview, he mentioned 112,000 In response to a question.

I don’t recommend it [le nombre de 112 000 immigrants] No moreThen nuanced Mr. Trudeau.

Prime Minister Francois Legault has always insisted that Quebec chooses its immigrants.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

Journalists at The Canadian Press mentioned the 112,000 immigrant figure and the gap between the 50,000 and 70,000 thresholds during the provincial election campaign, by the government of François Legault and the Quebec Liberal Party. . Quebec Solidaire proposes that the province will receive 60,000 to 80,000 newcomers a year.

The Federal Prime Minister explained himself Report Referring to the agreement between Quebec and Ottawa on immigration, according to him, it will give Quebec all the necessary tools to welcome 112,000 immigrants.

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In his exchange in the Commons, Mr. Trudeau argued that This is a decision for Quebec and we respect the jurisdiction at this level.

no Guidance From Ottawa

However, the official Conservative Opposition interpreted the Prime Minister’s comments as follows: GuidancePierre Paul-Hus, his political lieutenant for Quebec, summed up at the press scrum.

Mr. Trudeau said: “We could have 112,000 immigrants in Quebec.” The Quebec government said: “No. To properly welcome immigrants, we calculated that it would be 50,000.” So, Mr. Trudeau is making an indirect effort [pour] Impose an immigration threshold for Quebec, which we believe should not be doneHe \ he said.

A man speaks into a microphone at a lectern set up in front of the flags of the United Kingdom, Canada and Quebec.

The leader of the bloc was Yves-Francois Blanchet

Photo: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wilde

Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchett also believes Mr. Trudeau wants to impose his vision.

In 24 hours, Quebec will welcome 112,000 immigrants, the prime minister says. “Oh! I don’t impose”, but all the rest of the time he wants to impose itHe said during the question and answer session.

Mr. Blanchette suggested the federal government was unable to speak because of delays in processing immigration files.

Should he do his homework again and let Quebec handle both immigration and French? Thunder Mr. Blanchet.

Only in Quebec choose

Christine Frechette answered journalists' questions.

Quebec Immigration Minister Christine Frechette

Photo: The Canadian Press / Jacques Boissinot

For the government of François Legault, Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration Christine Frechette, Mr. Trudeau’s comments were written to him, he said. “.

Quebec and Quebec alone should determine its immigration thresholds, she pointed out. The minister was not available for an interview on Tuesday.

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According to her, there is Quebec A double challenge, which is unique in Canadaor to address labor shortages while halting French decline, Mr. Trudeau seems insensitive to anythingshe added.

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