February 24, 2024

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Lies of Quebec Solidaire

Lies of Quebec Solidaire

Did you see the message singer Emile Bilodeau wrote about the PQ’s position on swearing an oath to the King?

Defiantly, we do a little worse.

“When the PSPP wept helplessly over its inability to enter the National Assembly, my friend Sol Zanetti introduced a historic bill to abolish the obligation to swear an oath to the Crown.

“So on paper, your three wieners take over QS when they twiddle their thumbs.

“You can count on Solidaires to continue working in Quebec. But, I agree, PQSHOW is entertaining. (I like concrete, well-done work.)”

The jam jar

First, Mr. If Bilodeau (responding to a PQ activist) starts the prelude to political culture, he knows that QS is not what the CAQ government allowed Quebec to say bye-bye to the Crown.

The QS position is just a pose.

It was not the QS Bill that was passed, but the CAQ Bill.

And if the CAQ presented its bill, the three PQ deputies forced their hand, showing firmness and staying true to their principles (a position that earned them the respect of many Quebecers).

My friend Guy Perkins wrote on Facebook: “QS is like the girl who brags about frantically pushing the lid of a jam jar after her boyfriend opens it to soften it. »

And secondly, what is that voice?

There we find all the contempt (not to say hatred) that solidarity devotes to the PQ.

Is there anyone who still believes that QS is a sovereign party?

QS talking about sovereignty is like Steven Guilbelt talking about the environment.

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Yes, the federal Minister of the Environment climbed to the top of the CN Tower to educate Canadians about the importance of fighting pollution, but that was years ago.

Today, the former stalwart of Équiterre and Greenpeace is backing the most polluting project in Canada.

The PQ wants Quebec to be a country, period.

Quebec aspires to become a country that is socialist, feminist, decolonialist, leftist, green, wok, bike paths every 15 feet, kindergarten and mandatory equity, diversity and inclusion awareness workshops to writing learning programs in all schools. All businesses.

Otherwise, no.

If the QS program were a grocery list, Sovereignty would be the equivalent of a jar of capers.

Bobos party

On Radio-Canada the other day, host and journalist Alec Castongue said that one of QS’s best-kept secrets is that its clientele is not made up of low-level workers, as the party claims. , but wealthy.

These are the upper-middle class people who live in the neighborhood gentleman Who votes for QS, not workers!

Get to town!

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