February 22, 2024

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Gondola crash at Mont-Sainte-Anne: “Horrifying”, says Legault

Gondola crash at Mont-Sainte-Anne: "Horrifying", says Legault

Apart from the idea of ​​extending $50 million to Mont-Sainte-Anne’s operator, Prime Minister Francois Legault found it “frightening” that a gondola had come off the mountain’s main lift last Saturday.

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“We’re not there,” the prime minister assured Wednesday when asked about the $50 million in financial aid that Finance Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon plans to grant to Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (CPR).

“Listen, I’m scared, what happened,” Mr. Legault continued.

Since the incident, many voices have once again called for the ski resort’s operator — a wealthy Alberta company — to be expelled.

But Minister Fitzgibbon’s office was quick to announce on Monday that “expulsion is not the solution envisaged by the Government”.

Fitzgibbon was thinking

“I received it, now six [ou] Seven months, one request [de RCR] So we put $50 million into a $100 million project,” Mr Fitzgibbon reiterated as he appeared before cabinet on Wednesday.

“We are thinking about it,” he added. […] I didn’t say yes to RCR, I didn’t say yes to anybody. »

When asked whether RCR is a good corporate citizen, Mr. Fitzgibbon replied, “That’s another discussion. I am Finance Minister. »

Regardless of “who” is the operator, a “very important” question arises: “Is it okay to take citizens’ money to build ski resorts? Raised MP for Terrebonne.

A terrible catch-up

The Prime Minister, for his part, took a more decisive view. “There’s a terrible catch on equipment at Mont-Sainte-Anne,” Mr. Legault lamented at a press conference.

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“The operator has not shown in recent years that Mont-Sainte-Anne can be properly managed,” the prime minister opined.

The premier’s remarks were welcomed by co-presenters Avneer Mont-Saint-Anne, Mario Bedard and Alex Harvey.

“For the first time, the Quebec government officially recognizes the manager’s inability to ensure the sound management of Mont-Sainte-Anne,” responded MM. Bedard and Harvey.

“Both the Régie du bâtiment du Québec and the CNESST have gone to the mountains to carry out inspections on all installations and we continue to offer our full cooperation to their representatives,” Mont-Sainte-Anne’s management assured in an email Wednesday, without announcing a reopening date.

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