June 3, 2023

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Vincent Lacroix’s former right-hand man does not own a mortgage brokerage

Vincent Lacroix's former right-hand man does not own a mortgage brokerage

Eric Asselin, Vincent Lacroix’s ex-right-hand man during the Narborg scandal and who today presents himself under a false name, can no longer practice as a mortgage broker, the Administrative Tribunal of the Financial Markets (TMF) has decided. .

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) filed an application against Jean-François Soucy, Eric Asselin and Groupe Courtier Expert Inc. (“Defendants”) in this case.

According to the AMF, Jean-Francois Soucy was involved in the illegal activities of a mortgage broker or mortgage brokerage firm, Eric Asselin and Groupe Courtier Expert Inc. Encouraged and permitted by Gagnon.

According to the AMF investigation, Mr. Soucy may have, among other things, offered mortgage loans distributed by a private lender in which he had a direct interest (conflict of interest). He failed to adequately advise his clients and provide all useful or necessary information for their understanding and, according to the AMF, failed to ensure that the loans offered to his clients were adequate.

Fraud that identified Quebec

The Norbourg affair, which took place 17 years ago, continues to fascinate and talk about in Quebec. Through its excesses, through the light it shines on greed, the thin lines entrepreneurs sometimes have to walk — and many fall off — the story has the merit of rekindling Quebecers’ interest in the economy, business and their personal finances. .

True Platform presents a documentary series on the bottom line of the “case,” which remains the province’s most significant financial fraud to this day.