June 1, 2023

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Lotto-Max: 10 winners share $40 million just days before Christmas

Lotto-Max: 10 winners share $40 million just days before Christmas

Ten lucky winners who shared the $40 million jackpot had their lives changed overnight and within days of Christmas Eve. They won last Friday At Lotto Max.

However, only seven of them were present Thursday when they came to pick up their winnings at Lotto-Quebec’s headquarters in Montreal.

“I didn’t believe it at all. […] “When I asked the clerk how much I won, he said he didn’t know, there were a lot of zeros,” laughed Montrealer Jovita Cruz Deladia San Jose, one of the winners, at a Loto-Quebec press briefing.

Photo QMI Agency, Thierry Laforce

A Belgian chocolate lover, the new multi-millionaire can take part in a tour to taste “a few pieces” directly in Belgium, she added, along with six other known winners so far.

“We start by buying a house for the family. […] This is his dream,” explained Alain Phan, son of Than Lan Phan, one of the winners.

Each winner will receive a share of $4 million.

“A few days before Christmas, I was very happy that a group won the jackpot. Many families have suddenly become multi-millionaires, what more can you ask for! Last year, Loto-Québec awarded almost $1.5 billion to winners,” said Loto-Québec President and Chief Executive Officer Jean-Francois Bergeron.

Three winners are wanted

However, the three winners have yet to claim their prizes, recalled event host Isabelle Racicot from Loto-Québec headquarters, reminding all those who purchased a ticket by Dec. 16 to check it.

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The winning ticket was sold at a kiosk on the Plaza Côte-des-Neiges in Brossard, a non-profit organization belonging to the Association Québécois de l’Epilepsy (AQE), which helps people with epilepsy and their families.

Photo QMI Agency, Thierry Laforce

The latter will also receive a $400,000 commission.

“This $400,000 grant will help us move forward, whether it’s thinking about dogs, accommodation needs for people who accompany people hospitalized with epilepsy, natural relaxation for caregivers,” said Brigitte Pierard, the association’s general manager, with a smile. her face

In 2019, the company also sold a $50 million winning ticket and pocketed a $500,000 commission. The amount made it possible to award two scholarships to students to advance research in epilepsy.

It also made it possible to establish a daily telephone support system for people with epilepsy.

Since Lotto Max launched in September 2009, Quebecers have won more than $3 billion in the lottery. 40 todaye Lotto Max jackpot won in Quebec.