June 7, 2023

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Enjoy your bonus

Enjoy your bonus

Eric La Fleche, president and CEO of the Metro grocery chain, has had his pockets lined this year. According to information collected by Stephane Rolland of The Canadian Press, the president’s total compensation increased by almost 7% compared to the 2021 fiscal year and reached a total of 5.4 million. As for his bonus, it increased by 15% and reached 1.5 million.

Although many grocery store foods don’t cost this much, it’s hard for me not to feel unfair at these numbers.

Like me, this year, under the constraints of inflation, many Quebecers have had to review the way they shop for groceries. Many of us have to make choices in front of displays to respect our budget. We treat ourselves less, putting aside food products we used to eat because they are no longer available.

And at the same time, Monsieur La Flache takes advantage of his bonus.

An idea for you

And you, do you feel the same discomfort when you imagine all that Metro President can do with his annual millions? ?

This year, I feel for the parents who have to deny their children extracurricular activities because groceries are so expensive. I think of all the students who don’t eat vegetables anymore because they don’t have access to them.

Even if our system allows it, I strongly believe that this type of bonus has no place in a context like the inflation we are currently experiencing.

So Mr. La Fleche, I want you to make the most of your bonus. A benefit to all who have to keep butter on the shelves, because it is so expensive.

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