June 7, 2023

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Leaks at Desjardins: We deserve answers

Leaks at Desjardins: We deserve answers

Among the entire file of personal information leaks, Desjardins’ case is in a class apart in Quebec and Canada. And the investigation drags on in a clearly embarrassing fog.

The case is unique for two main reasons.

  • The information provided by the client to his financial institution is comprehensive and highly strategic.
  • The number of people affected in Quebec’s population is staggering. The proportion of the population that has its main account or secondary account or already has an account with Desjardins must exceed all general standards in the world for a financial institution.

This information leak has serious consequences. Hundreds of people’s identities have been completely stolen. According to recent articles from to haveThey are struggling to get the promised compensation.

Identity theft may not be over. Evildoers are persistent in their efforts to enrich themselves behind the backs of completely innocent victims.

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Example of PCU

There is also a less obvious reality when it comes to fraud. Take the example of CERB, a generous emergency program created by the Trudeau government at the start of the pandemic. There was a lot of cheating. People receive a statement from the Canada Revenue Agency for benefits paid to them.

These individuals never benefited from CERB, who quickly understood and demonstrated that fraudsters had made a request in their name, opened a bank account to deposit the amounts, and then closed this account. Scammers disappear after pocketing Justin Trudeau’s money. The only trace left in the file: the personal data of identity theft victims.

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do you know Most of these frauds are based on identity theft in Quebec. Several experts interviewed did not hesitate to explain the fact that Quebecers are more vulnerable because a large financial institution has lost their data in the wild.

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Three years

I have no doubt that Desjardins took steps to remedy the situation. The fact is that it happened and we can at least hope that the investigation into the matter will end in a serious manner. Radiate the light! Let justice be served!

In June 2019, Movement President Desjardins disclosed the data leak. Later in the year, we learned that it was not one part, but the totality of members who were victims.

A police report for more than three and a half years. We did not see any arrests. Officials have never been briefed on the progress of the investigation.

Quebecers don’t want this inquiry to end in a fishtail like some UPACs. We deserve answers.