April 1, 2023

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Small bottles of Fireball sold at convenience stores do not contain whiskey

Small bottles of Fireball sold at convenience stores do not contain whiskey

Cinnamon Fireball lovers be warned: the small 50ml bottles may not contain whiskey, even if the label claims otherwise when purchased from a convenience store.

According to CBS News, the drink in miniature formats of Fireball is a malt drink meant to taste like whiskey, a misrepresentation by Anna Marquez, who is suing the drink’s maker.

The Sazerac Company is being sued for its confusing label. Customers who assumed these small bottles contained whiskey were easily mistaken, as the suit notes were what the manufacturer wanted.

“When consumers buy, the product is somewhere other than the liquor and liquor store [le Fireball] Although the labels are virtually identical, the whiskey is not included,” the CBS story later read.

In addition, the inscription “malt drink naturally flavored with whiskey and other aromas” is written in the smallest possible font, the suit complains.

On the Fireball site, the company explains the difference between whiskey and malt containing products.

“There are two differences between the Fireball Cinnamon and ‘Fireball Whiskey’ labels: Products with the Fireball ‘Cinnamon Whiskey’ label include our whiskey products,” the site reads in English. Products labeled “Fireball Cinnamon” without the word whiskey are made with malt or wine.

The lawsuit seeks to protect all consumers who purchased the malt beverage in the following US states: Illinois, North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Mississippi, Iowa, South Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas and Utah.