April 1, 2023

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5 services that SAAQ cannot provide as of February 20

5 services that SAAQ cannot provide as of February 20

Starting January 26 and running through February 20, the online services of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec are undergoing a facelift. Here are five services not offered by SAAQ during this period.

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1. Replace the license plate

From January 26, it will no longer be possible to replace a damaged license plate or a license plate with peeling reflective film. We can do it again online and in stores on February 20, SAAQ spokesman Gino Desrosiers said.

2. Register the vehicle

Between January 26 and February 19 inclusive, the vehicle will not be registered at the service center, meaning people will not be able to sell vehicles to each other. However, buyers can continue to purchase the car from dealerships.

3. Winter tire exemption certificate

Snowbirds who need a winter tire exemption certificate to travel to Florida will also have to wait until February 20. SAAQ also confirmed with the Journal Monday that it will soon be possible to get it at a center, but the online service is no longer available.

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4. End of vehicle entry

Motorists who want to report that their vehicle has been impounded will have to wait till February 20. “In exceptional cases, if we have a court order, we can do it,” SAAQ spokesman Gino Desrosiers explained.

5. Vehicle storage

It is no longer possible to store your vehicle to avoid paying for your registrations during this period. “For example, those who keep their motorcycles or convertibles under cover in winter will be affected,” the SAAQ suggested.

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