June 3, 2023

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A 20-month wait: finally connected to Hydro-Québec after an article in a journal

A 20-month wait: finally connected to Hydro-Québec after an article in a journal

Following our story, Hydro-Québec contacted the young couple who made headlines yesterday. His home in Saint-Bruno, a small town in Lac-Saint-Jean, will be connected within a month, the 1er April

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The Journal reported yesterday Jonathan Blanchett and his spouse, Catherine Lemaire, have been waiting 20 months for their residence to be connected. They have been bouncing from one Airbnb to another since December 31, when their apartment lease ended.

Their promoter made the connection request on July 5, 2021. According to Hydro-Québec, electricity is due in summer 2022. Deforestation and pole planting were done by Hydro-Québec subcontractors, but connection is still pending.

Great relief

“It’s a great relief! said Jonathan Blanchett, who received the long-awaited call from Hydro-Québec yesterday. “We plan our Airbnb rentals up to 1er April, but that’s over. “.According to him, above all, the problem was communication between the various people he dealt with at Hydro-Québec.

But the hydro technician who spoke to him yesterday was “very professional. The customer service is great,” he says.

Hydro-Québec defends itself

In this case, the extension of the network proposes a route for the Hydro-Québec line and it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain the necessary easements.

“This step is very necessary. “Hydro-Québec cannot start any work without a legal permit,” states Caroline des Rosiers of Hydro-Québec.

“However, getting the easements through the client took longer than expected, which partly explains the delays. The work started as soon as the facility was available. These are ongoing and complex. They will be completed in the next few weeks,” she said.