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Queues in front of SAAQ offices are getting longer

Queues in front of SAAQ offices are getting longer

In the Greater Montreal area, where the problem is most acute, as early as 5 a.m., people can be seen waiting outside office doors. SAAQSome to renew their license, others to register the vehicle.

Early Thursday morning, dozens of people waited outside in the snow in front of the doors of the SAAQ branch in Saint-Jerome.

Photo: Radio Canada

People who met in front of the service point in Saint-Jerome on Thursday morning waited for a second day to access the counter. SAAQ.

My license is expired, I can’t drive, I have three kids. I come here at 5:30 in the morning, I say to myself: we will pass. They open at 9:30 and don’t even bother opening earlierinquires a woman who is agitated for waiting these hours in the snow to complete an administrative formality.

We were in Radon yesterday, all the rest. We reached at 9:30 am and we got number 103. Worse at the end of the day, they fell to just 93A man, trying his luck in front of the door this morning, wonders SAAQ of St. Jerome.

A man in the snow is talking to reporters.

This person has been waiting for the second day to access the SAAQ counter.

Photo: Radio Canada

We understand that there is a lot of waiting in some places, especially the Montreal area and the Gatineau area.Dave Leclerc, vice president of marketing strategies, road safety and employee experience SAAQ In ICI RDI. The latter promises remedial measures.

What we’re going to do over the next few days is increase specific opening hours when possible. We ask our representatives to open on weekends and a little later in the evening if possible. »

A quote from Dave Leclerc, Vice President of Marketing Strategies, Road Safety and Employee Experience at SAAQ

The queues are attributed to the February 20 implementation of a new computer system called SAAQclic, which should allow citizens to self-manage routine activities and transactions via the Internet for which they previously had to go to an office. SAAQ.

However, offices SAAQ SAAQclic had to close for about a month to allow implementation. Thus during this period thousands of citizens were unable to carry out their transactions and renewals.

there SAAQ He said that he was surprised to see this traffic. It is also estimated that around 50% of the people currently waiting in front of its offices can do their transactions over the internet.

A laborious internet process

A computer screen opens with the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec page.

Replacing driving license or obtaining registration certificate are now online anytime services through SAAQclic.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Eric Chouinard

As the online government authentication process to access SAAQclic is complex, many people prefer to go over the counter. SAAQAs they have always done before.

To access SAAQclic’s online services, you must first open an account on the Internet with a government authentication service, during which you must provide your social insurance number, your health insurance card, driver’s license and notice of assessment number. Revenue is issued by Quebec on the last income tax return filed.

Technical difficulties after the launch of the system also discouraged many.

Hence the company takes steps to make people migrate to SAAQclic more smoothly.

During the week of March 13, when people are in the queue and their service is provided by SAAQclic, we will help them register with the government’s authentication service.Dave Leclerc promised.

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SAAQclic aims to replace 300 old computer systems used in implementation SAAQ 40 years through a single and centralized system managing more than 10 billion data.

Quebec has promised improvements

People are waiting outside in front of a building.

A line also stretched in front of the SAAQ rue Saint-Jacques agent in Montreal.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Hadi Hasin

They said that they are aware of the situation in the departments SAAQTransport Minister Genevieve Guilbault also promised improvements to the in-branch customer experience.

I talk to the CEO regularly SAAQ To ensure that branches have a plan to provide effective services to Quebecers. Opening hours will be extended and customer identification will be simplified, among other things. I am following the situationMinister Guilbault wrote on his Twitter account on Thursday morning.

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