September 26, 2023

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Restaurants Fright So! Post in Questionable Passion on International Women’s Day

Restaurants Fright So!  Post in Questionable Passion on International Women's Day

A Facebook page for a restaurant specializing in fries, hamburgers and poutine shocked Internet users on March 8.

According to the website of the Quebec government’s Council on the Status of Women, “March 8 is an important date whose mission is to celebrate the path women have taken to date and to salute all the work that has been done. Equality.

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In this background, the Fright So Facebook page comes as a surprise! Chosen to mark International Women’s Day by posting a photo of a sandwich Smoked meat “Who Runs the World?” along with the words (which refers to the popular Beyoncé song).

Screenshot/Facebook Fries So!

The choice of sandwich is observed with the utmost discretion Smoked meat Not short: it’s a visual reference to female genitalia.

On Facebook, before the publication was removed, many Internet users found this option… especially, not to say suspicious.

Screenshot/Facebook Fries So!

Screenshot/Facebook Fries So!

One user praised the courage…

Screenshot/Facebook Fries So!

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But many fries so! Risk of “cancellation”.

Screenshot/Facebook Fries So!


And what do you think?

It’s disgusting. March 8 is unacceptable.

Calms you down. It’s funny.

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