June 1, 2023

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A McDo’s in a Montreal suburb serves him raw chicken nuggets

A McDo's in a Montreal suburb serves him raw chicken nuggets

A McDonald’s restaurant customer in Saint-Eustache has vehemently denied being served raw chicken nuggets during her recent visit to the store.

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Catherine, a regular customer of McDonald’s, sent a short excerpt to TVA Nouvelles showing her most disgusting meal.

Last Thursday, the woman went to McDonald’s and ordered a trio of Chicken Jr., 1 Chicken Jr. and 6 McCroquettes.

Screenshot | Facebook

A seemingly simple order, but Catherine says employees at this branch often make mistakes when placing customers’ orders.

“Every time I order something from this restaurant, there is always something wrong with my food, but today was the last straw,” she said. I received raw McCroquettes. I am disgusted with the situation, it is not acceptable. “

Given the dangers of consuming raw chicken, a fast food chain customer didn’t hesitate to report his misadventure.

Screenshot | Facebook

Later that evening, she tried to contact the restaurant to deny the situation.

She stated that the manager was not there, so she waited until the next day to express her displeasure to one of the managers of the restaurant at 90 boulevard Arthur-Sauve in Saint-Eustache, Bases-Laurentides.

After a brief discussion, the branch manager apologized to the frustrated customer.

In support of his apology, this McDonald’s manager pledged to make “necessary changes” within three weeks.

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“He said that in 3 weeks everything will be different. I have a lot of doubts, there is a lot of work to be done and this McDonald’s franchise is seriously damaging the reputation,” she told TVA Novelles.

According to the customer, problems at the restaurant have multiplied in recent years: incorrect orders, endless waiting times, etc.

Screenshot | Facebook

Also, worth mentioning, the manager allegedly offered Catherine a free meal the next time she visited the restaurant.

She insists that she is not interested in getting a free meal and that the important thing is to deny the unacceptable situation.

“I explained to him that it was a matter of principle and that the apology and refund was not related to what had happened,” she said.

In her exchange with the manager, the North Shore resident of Montreal is said to have hired a new manager to “get the restaurant back on its feet.”

The next few weeks will be decisive for this fast food restaurant in Saint-Eustache.

As of this writing, McDonald’s Canada has not responded to our request for feedback regarding this case.