February 24, 2024

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A Quebec company builds indestructible boats

A Quebec company builds indestructible boats

Inertia Fibre, in Saint-Justin, Maurice, specializes in the manufacture of fiberglass boats, which are exceptionally resistant to rotting.

Company owner David Lacombe cites their flagship product, the Catch series, as an example.

“It is a very light boat, with no wood in its construction, it is also offered as an option, a construction without wood. “So we can guarantee that this robot will not get water or moisture intrusion for more years than a normal robot, because the composite material does not absorb water,” he explained.

Initially, the company specialized in repairing boats rather than manufacturing them.

“We specialize in repairing fiberglass…structures, transoms, spars, basically the structure of a boat. You can compare it to the chassis of a car,” he says.

“Since there are not many companies specializing in this area, we have a large list of clients,” he adds.

However the company has the opportunity to buy molds, which is a rare opportunity.

“Developing a mold is very expensive. Then, there aren’t many resale markets. With a mold, you can make many boat sizes, configure the interior of the boat a little bit the way you want, while staying within the manufacturing standards maintained by Transport Canada,” explained Mr. Lacombe.

The company also changed its business model by entering the manufacturing of paddleboards.

“These are prototypes of our first two models. It is built like a boat hull. So, we build the hull, all white. After that, we infuse it with high intensity polyurethane foam, which gives a super rigid board. Everything is done by hand,” explains the owner.

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