June 3, 2023

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A rum from Quebec, made with Quebec products

A rum from Quebec, made with Quebec products

Quebec’s reputation for gin and wine is second to none; A distillery has launched a blend of genuine Quebec rum.

The Montreal distillery prepares its Rosemont rum with ingredients from Quebec.

“We took the turn ten years ago now to go towards rums,” Lilian Wolfelsberger stated in an interview on the program “À Voss Affaires”.

“We work with molasses. Quebec has a long history and a long history with molasses. Then, we selected three types of molasses, which are fermented in the distillery at a low temperature. That is our secret in terms of climate, and we distill in a Charentais still,” explains Mr. Wolfelsberger.

Rum is usually associated with southern countries; Rosemont Rum offers something new in this regard.

“When we’re distilling the molasses at a low temperature, we look for aromas that are really distinctive and very close to the farm. When we give the farm rum to the distillers who make the flavor, we trap them because we’re really going to see a lot of floral notes, but the typical farm notes with the brine, a little Black olive flavor,” explained Mr. Wolfelsberger. .

The distillery also offers pineapple rum, which isn’t just about flavored rum.

“No, no, no! The distiller was surprised by this idea. Actually, it’s golden pineapples from Costa Rica, which we buy in large quantities. We need 220 pineapples to make a batch of about 200 cases, which we leave to ripen at the distillery,” he explains.