June 3, 2023

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Should you have the same insurer for vehicle and home?

Should you have the same insurer for vehicle and home?

Combining your automobile and home protections with a single insurer is definitely beneficial.

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When shopping for damage insurance (home, car, all-terrain vehicle, boat, snowmobile, etc.), it’s in your best interest to focus your coverage.

Insurers grant discounts like this, often substantial: between 5% and 15% per policy, depending on the insurer and your individual situation.

Simplified procedures

On the other hand, there are undoubtedly some advantages for the consumer in dealing with a single insurer.

You already know the insurer so it takes less time to get the information.

Additionally, if you do face a claim, your compensation procedures are simplified. All you have to do is call a customer service department and speak with a claims adjuster.


In some cases, the disaster affects both the home and the car.

For example, a blizzard destroys part of the roof and also damages the vehicle, or a fire that affects the house and car as it is parked in the garage.

In this case, some insurers apply a single deductible, often the highest, instead of two when indemnifying their client, resulting in lower costs for the insured.

Others grant free additional coverage, especially on automobile.

When a loved one walks in…

When a couple decides to move in together, everyone is interested in combining their insurance. This requires some thought.

When your better half is with you, it would be beneficial for you to contact your insurance company. Especially if this person telecommutes or owns valuables (jewelry, electronic equipment, outdoor equipment, tools, computers, electronics) or some of their belongings are used for their work.

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In the end, combining your insurance will cost less than insuring each on your own… unless your new flame represents a high insurance risk (she’s made double claims or has a bad credit history, for example).


  • Take the time to clearly identify your needs before shopping for insurance. You should compare apples to apples: ask for a quote with similar discounts, give each insurer the same description of your home or your car’s condition, ask multiple questions, take lots of notes.
  • Shopping for your insurance is important. If you spend two or three hours choosing your insurer and save $300, consider yourself “paid” $100 an hour!
  • Do business with an insurance broker. As he works with many insurance companies, it will be easy for him to manage your file. Negotiating multiple protections at once is more complex than shopping for car insurance.
  • Take inventory of your assets. Information and free chart provided by the Insurance Bureau of Canada: https://infoassurance.ca/understand-home-insurance/insure-your-home/property-inventory/

Who do you complain to when your car is stolen?

Classic Shot: You leave the store and your car isn’t there. How to respond?

With 14 cars stolen a day in Quebec, according to HelloSafe, know that you have many companions in misfortune. Auto theft costs Canadian citizens and insurers over $1 billion annually.

The first thing to do when our car is stolen is to call the police. After the interview with her, you will retrieve the famous “event number” (or file number) associated with your misfortune.

This number is important because it forms the basis of your relationship with the police and the insurance company. Hence, many people sometimes recover their vehicle and the police always ask for this number when they have to deal with your case.

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The second thing to do is call your insurance company. The latter will ask you questions and give you several answers depending on the type of insurance contract you have: how much compensation you will have, what kind of replacement vehicle you will have, for how long, what are the other steps, etc. The insurer will ask you for an event number.

The following

Recently some of my relatives had their vehicles stolen. One of them contains clothes, tools, all kinds of personal belongings. This is the third thing you need to do: you need to list all the things that were in the car at the time of the theft.

For valuables, you should try to find their invoice if possible. or a picture.

for what Because any object attached to the car (a trailer hitch, or hit, bike or GPS mount) is covered by your car insurance. But any other item is covered by your home insurance.

Your home insurance company will definitely ask you for this popular list. Write it down as soon as possible and give him 48 hours to polish it before giving it to him.

Obviously, you will benefit if your insurer covers both your car and your home, as the policies are less complicated.

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