June 3, 2023

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A robot becomes the CEO of a company with 6,000 employees

A robot becomes the CEO of a company with 6,000 employees

A robot now runs a Chinese company with more than 6,000 employees that specializes in video game design.

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There was a huge response to this news. A robot named Tang Yu has a lot of power over the employees of this company based in Fujian province.

Tang Yu grants salary increases and also gives orders to her employees.

The company’s employees designed the robot from scratch using artificial intelligence.

“When we conceived Tang Yu in 2017, she was like a newborn. We have collected thousands of data to grow it. Little by little, she developed an autonomous conscience,” an engineer said in a TF1 Info report.

Other employees interviewed by French television said there are advantages to having a robot as a boss.

“With a human boss, it’s true that I can have a face-to-face interview, but she’s not available everywhere, 24 hours a day,” one employee admitted to a journalist.

At all times, even at night, the robot answers workers’ questions. Mrs. Yu never takes a vacation.

NetDragon Websoft is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has been very successful since the arrival of the new boss.

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