June 3, 2023

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Furious after gas bill arrives with her DoorDash order

Furious after gas bill arrives with her DoorDash order

A customer of the American company DoorDash took to social networks to strongly condemn the delivery man’s behavior when he handed her his gas bill with the delivery dish.

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In the excerpt, which went viral on TikTok, the customer wanted the woman to pay for the gas, to “compensate” for the long journey the food delivery company’s delivery man made to reach her home.

“My DoorDash delivery man wanted to get financial compensation for his trip, so he gave me his gas bill with my order,” she fumed.

The gas bill was $28.84 US.

The comments below user @secretlykarissa’s post were almost unanimous. The doordash delivery person should be aware of the American company’s operation.

“Does he know doordash doesn’t work that way?” asked a surfer.

“He literally decided to make it a job,” recalls another user on the TikTok platform.

A few days after the video was published, DoorDash responded to the controversy and apologized to the customer.

“This is a truly regrettable move, and we’re sorry it happened,” the company wrote.

In recent months, customers of these meal delivery companies have condemned the behavior of certain delivery people.

In early March, a DoorDash delivery woman confiscated a customer’s food because of a “low tip” the customer gave.

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